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Horizon 365 HR Tool


Horizon HR

Horizon HR offers the tools you need for your everyday HR tasks in a powerful, yet easy-to-use and cost-efficient platform.

Horizon 365 Visase App Screenshots


Horizon VT

Visitors Module helps you manage visitor and appointment schedule, simplifying procedures and efficiently communicating details, objectives and terms. Bus Module provides you with a new way to keep track of your fleet of fleet and the personnel it tends to, via a series of smart systems designed to work together in real-time.


Our job is to make
yours easier

Design and implement Custom Web and Mobile Applications turning needs into opportunities.


Requirements Gathering
Resource Planning
Timeline Planning


User Experience Design
Front-End Development


Back-End Development
Source Code
Staging Server


Final Delivery
Live Server
Training & Documentation
Maintenance & Support


“ The reliable methods of Horizon365
in addition to the expertise of its staff,
led to an excellent result through a system
that is characterised by flexibility, usability
and user friendliness. ”



“ The evaluation of our personnel, was completed
effortlessly and efficiently thanks to the services
offered by Horizon365. The platform is user-friendly
the use very simple and the evaluations are complete easily.
We are totally satisfied with the tool and the provided reports
because all the data we needed were available
immediately and in detail. ”

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Fair Use Policy


By using the services of the Horizon platform you accept the Terms and Conditions that are included in this Fair Use Policy, which governs your conduct when using it service. This Fair Use Policy is complementary to the legislation, the Horizon Services Provision Agreement and all of the above constitute a single framework.

In order to use the platform, you must:

1. Be an adult and able to sign a contract

2. Complete our registration process

3. Agree to the Terms of Service, the Fair Use Policy and the other terms and conditions as mentioned on the platform

4. The information and data you provided must be accurate and true, and you must keep update it whenever there are changes, so that they are always up to date.


Use of our platform's services in a manner contrary to applicable law, including any illegal activities, such as cases of copyright infringement property, trademarks or other copyright laws.

Access or authorization of third party access to the service in case the administrators of the Horizon platform have denied access.

Access or authorization of access of minors to the service, unless it is preceded by a special agreement with the Horizon Platform Administrators and a written authorization of the adult(s) that have custody of the minor.

Threats, harassment, defamation, deception, abuse or intimidation of any person and for any reason, or use of data or questionnaire results data for this or any similar purpose.

Violation of the personal data of any person with an attempt to collect, store or publish private or identifiable personal information without the person's knowledge and consent to such actions. Obtaining consent for data processing constitutes an obligation of the user in case personal data of third parties are processed by the user and entered to the system. In case the user enters his own personal data, by using the Horizon Service, it is implied that the user accepts the platform’s privacy policy and provides the explicit and free consent for their processing in order to be able to use the service. The Horizon Platform Administrator assumes no responsibility for downloading and managing related consents.

Attempting to obtain unauthorized access to the service or facilitating the acquisition of unauthorized access for third parties to the service (eg. sharing of username / password) or third party data without the proper authorization or consent of the subject.

The use of the platform to gain unauthorized access to other services, data, accounts or networks by any means.

Causing harm in any way or exploitation of minors or the collection of identifying personal data of minors without the prior written consent of their guardian and the written contract with the platform administrator.

Removal, modifying or altering any notifications embedded in the Services (eg pop up updates and consents).


The administrator of the Horizon platform has no responsibility for the content of user entries and their processing. The decision to display the content or results of the questionnaires is exclusively a decision of the user and is made only after his explicit authorization.

The tests and their results are addressed and must be evaluated by experts who have the appropriate accreditations in accordance with current legislation and codes of conduct for evaluation and drawing conclusions in a scientific way.

Information stored on the platform is stored in the cloud and may therefore be stored outside your country of residence.

The administrator of the Horizon platform has the right at his discretion to take any action he deems necessary, without prior notice if he decides that there is illegal use, breach of the terms of contract or this Fair Use Policy or attempted breach including the exclusion of access to the platform, the "quarantine" of the data that have been entered to the platform and notification to the competent authorities of suspicious conduct.

This Fair Use Policy will be updated at regular intervals and without notice. The Policy that is in effect will always be posted on the platform's website.